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top 50 Mulder&Scully scenes. part I

Current challenge @ picspammy inspired me to do this.

Making this list took me ages. But it was so worth it! Though right now I'm pretty much obsessed about other TV-show and one of the couples that are in it, making this picspam remind me that the greatest fandom of my life will be always X-Files and the ship that will own my heart and soul forever is Mulder&Scully. God, I really miss this show so much. I guess that some huge rewatch is finally coming.

Anyway, here's the list of my TOP 50 Mulder&Scully scenes in chronological order. There's a lot of hugging, kissing and being cute and sweet moments but not only, so I hope everyone will find something interesting in here - not only shippers ;)


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Just a really small icon batch to find a vent to my sorrow after S6 premiere. I know everybody is making icons of Sawyer/Juliet scenes in LA X so this couldn't be more un-creative and un-original but, well, I guess we need this, right?

The thing about this scene is that I love it and hate it at the same time. I think that at least some of you know exactly what I mean. I really need to watch it over and over again. I guess I feel like after, oh idk, like a million repeats it won't be hurting so much, maybe I'll get used to the thought. So basically I'm waiting for my catharsis ;) It's still very far away but I want to believe it'll come to me eventually :) Making icons was a part of my recovery process. Anyway, enough of babbling - to the icons, please ;)

[01-10] Sawyer/Juliet icons (LA X)
[11-12] lame Sawyer/Juliet quote icons (LA X)

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Brand new discovery - The Big Bang Theory!

Sheldon: You know, I think I may have misjudged this restaurant.
Leonard: No kidding.
Sheldon: I won’t go out on a limb, but I think we may be looking at my new Tuesday hamburger.
Leonard: Your old Tuesday hamburger will be so broken hearted.
Sheldon: Way ahead of you. I was thinking of moving Big Boy to Thursdays, and just dropping Soup Plantation.
Leonard: Really?
Sheldon: Yeah, the name always confused me anyway, Soup Plantation. You can’t grow soup.
Penny: So, how’s everything?
Sheldon: Terrific, you’ll be happy to know that I plan to come here every Tuesday night for the foreseeable future.
Penny: Really, oh... yay!
Sheldon: Who do I speak to about permanently reserving this table?
Penny: Um, I don’t know... a psychiatrist?

You were all so right about this show. It's hilarious! It's so geeky and clever! And, omg, Sheldon is He's such a dork - everything about him is a total absurd. And I love that he's such a coherent character - his voice, movements, gestures, it all makes him one in his kind. I adore him for being such an antisocial freak, full of phobias and so unable to function as the rest of the world does. 
So thank you all, my dear friends, for recommending me this show :)