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sleeps with butterflies

no mouth no neck no rest
20 April 1986
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tv fandoms.
the x-files. lost. grey's anatomy. gilmore girls. ugly betty. that 70s show. will and grace. sex and the city. er. pride and prejudice (bbc). californication. house md. v. the big bang theory. desperate housewives. glee. true blood.

mulder/scully. juliet/jack. juliet/sawyer. lorelai/luke. house/cuddy. meredith/derek. mark/lexie. jackie/hyde. emma/will. jessica/hoyt.

crying. sleeping till noon. shopping. waffles. dyeing hair. watching the same movie or tv show over and over again. handmade jewellery. musicals. chinese food. being drunk. christmas. sarcasm. dreams. fanfiction.
crying. mushrooms. people who are mean without a reason. stereotypes. cold. my freckles. waiting. spiders. my birthday. egocentrics. horror movies. doing the dishes. capital letters. my job.

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